One of the most important ways that a business can change and improve is through its people, and training is a key enabler to that change.

Our innovative training strategy is founded on principles that have been proven by some of the largest and forward-thinking companies in the UK. The solutions we implement are designed to offer reduced costs whilst improving the quality and flexibility of training and also to create a support culture, change initiatives and people-focused legislation.

It works on three layers: the first layer offers blended learning solutions that combine video, interactive media tools and topic-centred discussion that can be tailored to local requirements. The second layer offers rich-media e-learning solutions, which are fully compliant with recognised learning standards and operate over the web or on optical media. The third layer is our online coaching solution which offers instant help for anyone with network access.

These solutions are available as individual products designed to meet your specific requirements, or provided as part of a bespoke Learning Development strategy.

An integral part of our training strategy includes the ability to leverage a greater Return-On-Investment through clever design; many training products are created as a result of a common need or legislation within an industry, therefore we offer clients the ability to market their training to generate revenue and increase cost efficiency.